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Art Provenance offers a bespoke collection management service that provides clients with an online inventory of their artwork collection including important provenance documents digitized for safekeeping and easy reference.  This digital information is physically linked to the artwork and registered to the individual collector via Art Provenance’s security tagging process.  This allows each artwork to be uniquely identified, protecting it from forgery or misattribution.  This creates a strong baseline for provenance data allowing us to put the best information in the hands of the art community.


Founded in 2015 by Rico Gonzalez, Cris Mora and Gerry Qua, our mission is to safeguard the legacy of artists through a service that supports more accurate scholarship, creates better security for the art community, while strengthening confidence in secondary market sales and collection building. 

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We photograph each artwork in your collection on-site using our mobile studio set-up.

Inventory Management

We create a detailed inventory of your entire collection.

Digitization of Documents

We digitize any supporting documentation, such as Certificates of Authenticity, that needs to be preserved as part of the artwork’s provenance.

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Security Tagging

Each artwork is tagged using our archival marking process, making each artwork uniquely and objectively identifiable. 

Database Upload

Your collection data is securely and privately accessible at any time on any device.

Re-packing for storage

When necessary, artwork can be carefully packed for safe storage.

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Every artwork in your collection is properly documented so you can confidently track what is in your collection and where it is.

Collection is online & accessible

All the information about your collection is digitally secured and preserved.  This important information is accessible to you online on multiple devices.

Protect against forgery

Our security tagging process makes each artwork objectively identifiable, ensuring that it can always be linked to the provenance information in the database.


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